Jaime Primak Sullivan’s New Jersey “Jersey Belle” Event Was A Blast!



We were so honored to be in attendance the other night at Jaime Primak Sullivan’s “Jersey Belle” event in Freehold, NJ the other night. It was truly a blast. What went down at the event?

First, Jaime mingled with the crowd. Then, her and the belles that were in attendance- including the adorable Danielle- took a photo on the red carpet and took photos with people:





Then, we were treated to SURPRISE GUESTS! The Freestyle Queens, Lil Suzy- who sang “Take Me In Your Arms” in the 90s- AND Judy Torres- who sang “No Reason To Cry”- BOTH made an appearance because they love Jaime and “Jersey Belle.” They sang to Jaime and we have photos and a video:

IMG_8316 IMG_9731 

Then, Jaime and the Belles watched the new episode of the show, where the Belles visit New Jersey. 

All in all, this was one of the most fun events we have ever been to. Danielle was as sweet as could be and Jaime… WOW! This is a woman I would want to hang out with 24/7. She’s everything I LOVE about New Jersey- funny, loud, entertaining, witty… I can’t say enough good things about her. 

Thanks again, Jaime, for having us at the event!