What Will Probably Happen To Apollo?


What will most likely happen to Real Housewife of Atlanta Phaedra Parks’s husband for failing to report to jail this morning? We googled “What happens to me if I don’t self report to jail” and found some interesting information. 

On Yahoo! Answers, someone responded, “Most likely scenario: you’ll get away with it for a while, staying low and looking over your shoulder, but eventually becoming convinced that you’re too low a priority for the law to bother with.  After a period of increasing confidence, you’ll get pulled over for a minor traffic violation, and the officer’s computer check will pull up a warrant for your arrest.  He’ll take out his gun and cautiously pull you out of the car, handcuff you, and haul you in to jail.  After a stint at county jail until your trial (this time they won’t release you on your own recognizance), you’ll face hard time in a federal penitentiary – a lot more time than you would have served otherwise.  You’ll never know when they’re going to catch you – but they will, eventually.”

Here’s the source. Interesting! Apollo would have been smarter to turn himself in, no?