We Remember 9/11


We will never forget 9/11/01. I had been on top of the twin towers a few weeks before 9/11/01 in the observation deck. Having lived in this area all my life I never even considered the possibility that these buildings may be gone one day. I remember sitting in high school hearing the news over the loudspeaker and being so confused as to what was going on. First they announced the first plane and I thought it has been an accident. Then they announced the second and it was clear it was no accident.

9/11 changed how our country felt. We always felt like we we’re secure and has no fears like other countries did. That definitely changed that day. Each year as we remember 9/11, the horrible memories of that day come back.

It definitely teaches you to cherish each day and cherish your loved ones. Life is a blessing and we are lucky to be living each day. Always remember. Never forget.