Is Tamra Really A Bad Friend? Food For Thought


A lot of comments heard this season of Real Housewives of Orange County were what a “bad friend” Tamra Judge was. Is this really the case, though? Let’s look at something that’s happened this week. 

Audio tapes of Brooks Ayers claiming he cheated and now Vicki Gunvalson talking about Brooks have leaked in the past few days. If Tamra REALLY was a bad friend, wouldn’t she be running with this? Numerous times on the show we have seen Tamra AND Vicki’s daughter Briana Wolfsmith saying they only want what’s best for Vicki. Briana and Vicki’s relationship has even suffered from them arguing over Vicki’s well being, as Brianna doesn’t want her children around Brooks and is not a fan”

In light of what has leaked this week, can anyone truly blame them for being concerned? Isn’t Tamra’s concern a sign that she’s a good friend, NOT a bad one? Bad friends don’t typically look out for and care about the wellbeing of their friends. I suppose we now know why Tamra’s always said “I think there is someone better for her.”
We did reach out to Tamra, but she had no comment.