Brooks Ayers- I Make Jack Compared To Vicki


It seems tapes of Real Housewife of Orange County’a on-again off-again boyfriend Brooks Ayers won’t stop leaking. What does he say in the latest?

Many explosive things are said in the newest tape to leak to Radar Online including:

– “Well, it’s a reality show and I have made jack compared to what Vicki makes. I made $17,500 in the last two years. That’s it.”

– “I owe the IRS and I have an ex-wife who’s at the trigger. If I don’t pay her on time, she is going to file a contempt of court and she’s going to send me back to jail and that’s the fact. I gotta pay. I’m current with her now as we speak.”

– He admits he owes $5000-7000 to Vicki in credit card debt.

– He claims he was “desperate for money.”

– Says he owed $10,000 in child support and money to the IRS his parents helped him pay off.

– On being violent with Vicki he claims, ““I didn’t grab her… in back of hair like that. “I was mad and I was wrong… and that’s the only source of violence they have seen me do. The only thing I have ever done with Vicki. When I just came out of this bathroom and we were in this place and I saw a guy grab her ass. “And I came up and said, ‘What the hell?!’ And she said, ‘It’s not big deal.’ And I said, ‘Yes it is a big deal.’ And I was wrong, there is never a right, wrong, or excuse to ever to touch a woman, particularly in public or private, ever! So I’ll own that. But it was never a hit or a slap.”

Interesting. What do YOU think of all that’s coming to light? Let us know!