EXCLUSIVE: Alexis and Jim Lied About 10th Anniversary


Former Real Housewife of Orange County Alexis Bellino returned to television a few weeks on We TV in a special about her 10 year anniversary and vow renewals to husband Jim Bellino. However, we have learned that the former housewife may have not been completely honest in this EXCLUSIVE. What did she lie about? 
A source who knows the couple well tells us that “Alexis and Jim have not been married for ten years; rather, they have been married only for nine. They are so fake and definitely lied.”

We reached out to former housewife Peggy Tanous, who had been friends with Alexis but then fallen out to see if the rumor had any validity. “I do know they have been married 9 years, just like Micha and I,” Peggy told us.

She continued, “I know they are at nine years because Micah and I got married in June of 2005 and they married in April of 2005.”

There you have it!

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