Bobby Ciasulli- Jim Is Stooping To A New Level


Today, Jim Marchese (husband of Real Housewife of New Jersey Amber Marchese) posted pictures on Twitter of an alleged headshot of Bobby and a confidentiality agreement Bobby, him, and Amber had signed. Jim has been claiming he had documents like these for a while. What does Bobby have to say about these? We spoke exclusively to him. 

Bobby said, “Jim has now stooped to a new level with his cut and paste antics and denying the invite to the reunion. I got a kick out of the part of the “contract” he posted where it said buyer and seller. I didn’t know we were buying or selling anything.”

Bobby scratched his head in confusion as to why Jim continues to say he wasn’t invited to the reunion when just yesterday the guys being part of it was green lit and Amber responded through text that she will ask Jim if he’d be willing to go.
Bobby continued, saying, “Even Pinnochio was afraid of the lumberjack waiting to cut off his nose from all his vile lies.”
Bobby also said “I wish if he was going to pull a mug shot of me off of social media that he would have chosen a better one for the alleged bio pic he claims I gave him to submit my application.”
Interesting. What do you think? Let us know!