Why Perez Hilton’s 10 Year Anniversary Is So Important


It’s hard to believe how quickly time passes, but blogger Perez Hilton is celebrating his 10th anniversary! Why is this so important, especially to me?

Perez truly paved the way for celebrity bloggers. Sure, there were major news outlets reporting celebrity gossip and news prior to him, but Perez was truly the first independent celebrity blogger to take the world by storm. His blogs were controversial, his doodlings on top of pictures were entertaining, and whether you liked him or not, you knew he had a voice.

Perez is also human and has used his blog as a platform. He came on the scene overweight, but was never afraid to show himself. We can speak firsthand about how cruel people can be on social media, and we are sure he faced a lot of animosity and nasty comments. Regardless, he kept trucking along, and eventually used his blog to showcase his weight loss and inspire people to be fit. To keep true to his promise to stay fit, Perez makes himself do a bathing suit shot each year to continue to push himself to be the healthiest he can be. Again, this is motivational and inspirational.

In the last few years, Perez has toned down the controversial side of his blog a bit, but he is no less big for doing so. Perez is a household name, and THE go to person for celebrity news today.

Being a blogger that sees the sky as the limit and is committed to making this a career, Perez’s 10 year anniversary is so vitally important to me. It inspires me to keep pushing myself, it drives me to continue to be more dedicated, and- more than anything- it fills me with gratitude for how he has helped paved the way for people like myself.

Kudos, Perez. Keep up the great work.