Dina Manzo- I Became Obsessed With Telling The Twins


Last night on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, we saw Dina Manzon try to tell Teresa Aprea about what Teresa Giudice had shared with her. Teresa Aprea didn’t seem to want to know what the rumor was. Dina has taken to her blog to address this.
Dina writes, “Now on to the “secret”… I was so torn on what to do with this info. My first instinct was of course to let the girls know that someone was talking about their mother. If someone was talking about my mom, I would want to know so I could rip their face off. Not very zen, huh? Say all you want about me, but mention my kid or my parents and all bets are off. It was really bugging me; I literally was told the night before we left for Florida, and I couldn’t sleep at all. Every time we were having fun, the guilt that I wasn’t saying anything to them was overwhelming all other emotions, and I seriously became obsessed with the fact that I needed to tell them.”

She continues, “I was surprised TerEsa didn’t want to hear it and right away. I was like, OK, Dina, shut your mouth, and so I did. It was a lose-lose for me… I’ve learned that there’s actually a term in therapy for the position I was put in! Learn more on my after party on dinamanzo.com about what to do when put in this position and how you can handle it in a healthy way. I so wish I had this info before I went to Florida!”

Interesting. What do you think? Would you have wanted to tell them if you were Dina? Let us know!