Amber Marchese- Dina Is Shifting The Blame


Real Housewives of New Jersey’s episode this past Sunday saw housewife Dina Manzo claim Amber knew something about Teresa Aprea’s mother. Now, Amber has taken to her blog to express how she feels about this. 

Amber writes, “Did anyone catch Dina’s reaction to my call. She did not exactly seem pleased we were coming down or excited that I was in good health. I get the rumor was on her mind, but that was not exactly fair to me. Teresa (Giudice) told her about the Rino/Santa affair and she knew I was an unwilling witness to the Gotti testimony. I feel like I should be in witness protection or something. It was satirical watching Dina talk about my motives in gossiping and then watch her and Teresa Giudice gossip. What was suspicious is the way she tried to tell Teresa (Aprea) and Nicole about the affair. She starts out by saying Amber knows something. Why? I had nothing to do with this; she should have said Victoria Gotti told Amber and Teresa Giudice something. It was clear Dina was shifting the blame of the Gotti rumor from Gotti to me! I am calling out BS. This explains why the twins have blamed me for the rumor.”

Interesting! What do you think? Let us know!