Joe Giudice Negotiating Plea Deal?


Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice and her husband will be heading to court October 2nd for their sentencing. According to a Radar Online report, Joe may be attempting to negotiate a plea deal for his other legal issue with his suspended license. What are the terms? 

According to the source on Radar Online, “Joe is in the final stages working out a plea deal in the forged driver’s license case. He will be allowed to serve time behind bars concurrently with time in the fraud case. Prosecutors in the forged drivers license case are going to sign off on it. So even if the federal judge in the bankruptcy fraud case gave Joe probation or house arrest, he’ll still be going to prison.”

The source continued, “He’s doing time for sure. There will be no probation in both cases. His attorneys will still ask for it, as they are obligated to do, but everyone knows it’s a foregone conclusion. The only uncertainty about how much time Joe will actually have to serve.”

How is Teresa supposedly taking this news? According to the source, “Teresa still refuses to admit that Joe will be going to jail. She is living in a fantasy world, and thinks both judges won’t send Joe to prison. This could come as a real shock to Teresa, even though everyone including Joe has tried to prepare her, but she doesn’t pay attention to it.”

Interesting. While we can’t confirm if this is true or not at this point, we’d love to hear what you’re thinking!