Nicole Napolitano- We Are Sisters And Nothing Will Ever Come Between Us


Real Housewife of New Jersey Nicole Napolitano got into a bit of an argument this past week on the show with her sister, Teresa Aprea. Dina Manzo was telling them there was a rumor about Teresa and her family going around, but Teresa didn’t want to hear it. Nicole, on the other hand, wanted to know and Teresa told her to shut up. What does Nicole have to say about this now? She has taken to her blog to discuss it.

Nicole writes, “The conversation did get a little heated outside after dinner. I love my sister more than anything, but yes, we do disagree and I think I got across how strongly I feel about ‘shut up.’ I feel words are so powerful, so we must watch our words, especially with the people we love. One thing I do know is we are sisters and nothing will ever come between us, even if we don’t see eye to eye on everything. Regarding Dina, I could tell something was lying heavy on her heart and she wanted to tell us something. I never thought for a second she ever wanted to hurt us, but only help us.”

What do you think about what Nicole is saying? Was she right for wanting to know? Let us know!