Judge Says Vicki and Brooks Are Celebrities and All Documents Will Be Shown


Real Housewife of Orange County Vicki Gunvalson and beau Brooks Ayers are currently involved in a lawsuit pertaining to Vicki’s vodka. According to a new Radar Online article, on 9/25 they tried to enter a protective order in court that would prevent “confidential, propriety, or private information from being exposed.” Specifically, their attorneys claimed Vicki and Brooks “are celebrities, and tabloids and other news media have shown an interest in publishing information about their lives. In fact, certain private and confidential information about them has previously been obtained and published.” The judge denied the request for these documents not to be shown in court. Why?

According to the court documents Radar has, the judge claimed that “It is hereby ordered that proposed Stipulated Protective Order…is denied without prejudice.” The article states the judge did not feel they had enough proof that these documents needed to remain private.

Interesting. What do you think? Should these documents remain private or do they belong in the case? Let us know.