Will Teresa AND Joe Get Jail Time?


We are less than two full days away from the sentencing of Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe. Is it possible they will both get jail time? According to a source that has spoken to Radar, quite possibly. What did the source say? 

The source tells Radar, “The prosecutors are asking for prison time for Joe and Teresa. It’s all outlined in their sentencing documents filed with the court. For Joe, prosecutors want him sentenced to 47 months in prison, and Teresa, 27 months. Joe has been resigned to the fact that he will most likely be going to prison, but no one was ready for the possibility of Teresa going also.”

The source continued, detailing that prosecutors “never believed that Teresa wasn’t aware of the consequences of her actions.”

They still had more to say, telling Radar, “Naturally, Joe and Teresa are absolutely devastated and had hoped prosecutors would have agreed to probation, or even house arrest. No one forced the Giudices to take the plea deal, and they accepted responsibility for their actions. Putting them behind bars doesn’t do anything but hurt their four daughters.”
The source wrapped up with saying, “Teresa and Joe are being punished because they are celebrities. If this was any other regular person, prison time wouldn’t even be on the table. It’s just shocking that the government is going after them so harshly.”
We truly hope for their daughter’s sake they both do not go to jail. What do you think? Let us know.