Judge Salas- I Read The Pre-Sentence Reports and I Have A Number Of Concerns- Teresa and Joe’s Sentencing, Part 1


TONS of you are asking for details related to the sentencing yesterday. I have over 24 pages of handwritten notes and am going to do my best to transcribe them, bit by bit. Here is the first part of what went on in the beginning of the sentencing yesterday. 

When the trial began, Teresa entered with her hair done and in a full black suit. She had a white camisole underneath. Joe entered with her and was dressed in a suit. Joe’s brother, Pete, was present, and sat in the row behind Joe and Teresa. Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, and sister in-law Melissa were not present. None of the housewives were present, either.

The judge, Esther Salas, announced that this was the case of the US vs Giuseppe and Teresa Giudice. She made it clear that a representative from the FDIC and a representative from the IRS were present as well.

Judge Salas noted that in advance of today’s sentencing, she had reviewed the sentence reports dated 9/17, the Government sentencing memo dated 9/22, the defendant sentencing memoranda dated 9/22, and the Government responsive memo dated 9/29. In addition, the court had received letters for consideration from friends, family, and the public. Joe had received 44 letters on his behalf, Teresa had received 51 letters on her behalf, 9 letters were received from public members, 2 anonymous letters were received, and 2 phone calls were received.

The court then asked Judge Salas not to consider anonymous letters and she agreed to not consider anonymous letters or phone calls. Then, Joe’s lawyer asked Judge Salas to not consider any letters in general. She agreed that any ruling she makes would not be based on the letters.

Then, before the lawyers began speaking, Judge Salas made it known that she had read the pre-sentencing reports and, based on them, she had a number of concerns.

* Stay tuned as I continue to detail yesterday’s sentencing trial for you *