Caroline Manzo- I’m Blown Away By Teresa and Joe’s Sentencing

Last night, former Real Housewife of New Jersey and current star of Manzo’d With Children Caroline Manzo appeared on Watch What Happens Live. While there, she addressed the results of Teresa and Joe’s sentencing. What did she say? 

Caroline said, “I’m blown away – I’m blown away by the whole thing. It’s so much bigger than the Housewives, it’s so much bigger than Bravo, it’s just life-changing for these people and their children. The only think I can think of is their kids— God bless those kids — you know, it is what it is, and it happened and I can’t wrap my head around it, it’s a lot.”

She continued, “You can’t blame anything, you can’t blame Bravo … things that happen in your life, you cannot blame anything for things to happen in your life, you know what I mean? To me, it’s just something that I hope that people, for the sake of the children, keep your opinions to yourself on social media and stuff like that and just understand, this is tragic, this is sad and I — I can’t judge them and I won’t judge them, because I don’t know what happened.”

We agree with Caroline. People need to focus on Joe and Teresa’s kids and keep opinions to a minimum.

What do you think of what she said? Let us know.