Amber Marchese- Dina Manzo Attacks And Pretends To Be The Victim


Amber Marchese, of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, has taken to her blog to address Dina Manzo and some issues she has with her this week on her blog. What’s she saying?

Amber writes, “When I called and spoke to Dina to tell her that I was coming down because of my good test results, she should of relayed that to the group, not a doomsday message that set a negative tone. Worse, why didn’t Dina remind everyone we were celebrating my being five years cancer freeafter we had a scare? Certainly the group would have been happy for us instead of feeling tension when we came in. Also, the way Dina called me outside was shady. She loves to gossip, but pretends she does not gossip. In short, Dina caused tension due to her shady ‘rumor gossip’ then didn’t tell anyone our good news. I am calling ‘ZEN PENALTY FOUL’ since I feel Dina was protecting her friend and placing the fault squarely onto me. Dina feels needed when she causes bad sh–, and she enjoys it. I saw pictures of her smiling and laughing when the twins and I were fighting in Bobby’s basement. Dina likes to cause trouble behind the scenes and then plays the ‘healer’ with her spiritual “love.” It’s called passive aggressive behavior. She attacks and then pretends to be victim as proof — look how she has treated my husband.”

Amber continued, “She never civilly spoke to my husband, yet feels comfortable enough to call him names? Unsolicited she called him a dick, vagina, douche, and told him to stick it up his a–. I remind you, Dina, without knowing my husband, approached him at the first responders party. Why? It was none of her business! This was an issue between Jim and Joe. I was just attacked and she thought that was a good time to ask about bowling? She has a pattern of starting trouble to justify her nasty comments. She consistently pokes her nose in gossip, like the Gotti rumor and the first responders party, then decides to attack my husband. I notice she does not call anyone else’s husband names when they act less than gentlemanly. If you have watched all year, there have been plenty of times Dina could have offered her opinion. Dina is the type to speak in vulgar terms about a man she never took five minutes to know and then acts offended when he speaks his mind. Dina thinks she is all high and mighty, but in reality she has a cold heart that has displaced her anger due to her own personal heartaches. It is clear she is jealous that my husband loves and adores me, protects me and fights for me, while her husband doesn’t give her the attention she needs. I actually feel bad that she got to this level of anger and resentment. I pray she finds her true love, so she can finally get off my husband’s jock strap.”

Interesting! What do you think? Is Amber correct or are you on Team Dina? Let us know!