Wendy Williams- It’s Not Even Laughable How Dense Teresa Is


Wendy Williams took to her “Hot Topics” segment this past Tuesday to address the Teresa and Joe Giudice Watch What Happens Live one-on-one part one. What did she say about Teresa and Joe claiming none of the girls know anything besides Gia? 

Wendy said, “She is so less than smart and so delusional. To the point- it’s sad. It’s not even laughable anymore how dense Teresa is. First of all, all the kids have parents and all the parents do kitchen table talk and the kids these days listen to every damn word. Maybe the one in third grade I’ll give a pass. Maybe the third grader doesn’t know, but in eighth grade? Kids are getting cell phones in eighth grade. They know how to get on the internet AND they’re listening to parents conversations. And then the eleven year old? Taht’s like practically a grown woman these days… Where do they live? What planet are they on? I know its’ difficult to talk to your kids about a crime you committed and that you’re going to jail, but it seems to me the best thing to do would be to let them know that they’re facing time. That way every last moment that they spend with the girls counts nd they could also start to get them a little bit of psychological help… Just Teresa- really, Teresa?”

Interesting. What do you think about what Wendy said? Let us know!