Andy Cohen- Now Is NOT The Moment To Bring Back Danielle Staub


Caroline Manzo, former Real Housewife of New Jersey and current star of Manzo’d With Children, recently sat down with Andy Cohen and got to ask him a series of questions. One was if he wants Danielle Staub to come back. What he said was quite interesting. 

Andy said, “I always used to say to you around reunion time, that it was my fantasy to bring Danielle back. I thought by the way, in fairness to Danielle, she was someone that was talked about a lot after she left. There were a few season where I thought, it makes sense for her to come to the reunion. Let her say what she has to say. I made that joke every season… but I thought last season was really the time to bring her back at the reunion. I even told you that and I told Jacqueline, who I know really passionately did not want that to happen… We offered Danielle. We wanted her to come to that reunion and she didn’t want to. And she since has said very publicly I will come back… It just seems weird to me now- you’re gone, Jacqueline is gone full time, and it seems like she was talked about so much and no one has talked about her this season, so it seemed not the moment. Maybe the moment will come back… I think she feels like she still has things to say and she has- I don’t want to say a score to settle- but look, it’s very interesting that she was really condemned for her criminal past and maybe she has something to say about what’s going on now. I don’t know.”

What do you think? Do you want to see Danielle back now or do you agree that now is not the right time? Let us know!