Adrienne Maloof- Lisa Vanderpump And I Are Fine


Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Adrienne Maloof did not end things on the best of terms with Lisa Vanderpump when she left the show. Now, Adrienne is going to be coming back to the 90210 and is dishing on it.

Adrienne talked about Lisa, saying, “We’re good. We’re fine. That’s been fine for a while.”

She also talked about Lisa Rinna, claiming, “I love Lisa too. She’s fantastic. You’re going to see her in a combative way. She’s really going to defend her family, and I respect her for that.”

Why did Adrienne end up returning? She claims, “I think I’m better equipped now to deal with what to expect from Housewives. I really wanted to come full circle and have some closure with the women.”

Interesting! We definitely are excited to see her back on. Are you?