Dina Manzo- Parents and Children Are Off Limits and Victoria Gotti Should Have Known Better


Real Housewife of New Jersey Dina Manzo has taken to her blog to discuss her feelings on this week’s episode and specifically addresses how she feels about the rumor regarding Teresa Aprea’s mother and Teresa Giudice’s involvement in it. What did Dina say? 

Dina writes, “I wasn’t team TerEsa over Teresa at any time at all. I was team Santa. Parents and children are off limits, and Victoria should know better. TerEsa just wanted Teresa to apologize for even entertaining the rumor. I just wanted it all to go away. I never said at any time I thought Teresa was in the wrong, what I said VERY clearly is that I understood TerEsa’s position and I would relay the message to Teresa in hopes that this can all be washed away. Not only for the Ladybug event, but for a peaceful interaction between my old friend and a new one.”

She continues, “I still stand by trying to tell the girls in Florida and I did have Teresa’s blessing to let them know if I felt like I needed to. Like she said a million times, she wanted no part of this, she had enough on her plate. She was just letting me know in case Amber twisted things and in case I felt it was necessary to tell them at any point. So I did. I knew Amber was on her way and I knew she would end up having a talk with the girls about the rumor.”

Interesting! What do you think of what Dina said? Let us know!