Is Joe’s Drinking Leading To A Potential Divorce From Teresa?


Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, have been having her share of legal issues. During their sentencing, it came out that Joe has a drinking problem. Now, a new report from Radar Online, is claiming that Teresa and Joe may be headed for divorce because of his drinking problem. 

A source tells Radar, “It’s really sad. Most nights Joe stays downstairs long after Teresa and the girls have gone to bed. He usually drinks a lot of wine, and ends up passing out on the couch. When it first started happening, Teresa told him to at least make an effort to come upstairs before the girls got up in the morning She didn’t want the girls to see their dad on the couch first thing.”

The source continued, “Joe did this for awhile, but in recent months, he just doesn’t even care what Teresa wants. He is beyond pretending that everything is fine behind closed doors. His feeling is, it’s his house for the time being, and will sleep wherever he wants. The fact Joe chooses NOT to share a bed with Teresa speaks volumes about the state of their marriage.”

The source claims that Teresa plans to file for divorce, stating that Teresa “will absolutely file for divorce from Joe once she is done serving her prison sentence. She would do it sooner, but it would make it very difficult for her to arrange visits with their kids while she is in prison. Whenever Teresa talks about the girls it’s always ‘my girls,’ and never ‘our girls.’ It’s very sad for the entire family.”

We’re not 100% sure if we believe this report or not, but some valid points are made, such as the “my girls” versus “our girls.” What do you think? Let us know!