Joe Giudice To Do MORE Jail Time!

Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice’s husband, Joe, will be facing a SECOND sentencing tomorrow when he heads to state court. What’s going on? 

Joe has been accused of pretending to be his brother in 2010 to get a license, after he had lost his from a DWI.

A source has spoken to Radar Online and tells them that a plea deal was reached in the case. The source claims that  “prosecutors signed off on allowing Joe to serve the prison time in the drivers license case concurrently with the bankruptcy fraud.”

Does this mean he’ll only serve the 41 months he was served so far? Not necessarily, as the source tells Radar that “It’s likely Joe will remain behind bars longer than the 41 months in prison …”

The source also claims that Teresa will not be with him in court, claiming that she “has no plans on going to court with Joe on Wednesday for the sentencing (because) she hasn’t been to one appearance with him for this case, so she figures why now?”

Interesting! We will be on scene tomorrow and will keep you posted with all the updates!