Phaedra Will HAVE To Give Deposition On Apollo’s Criminal Activities


Real Housewife of Atlanta Phaedra Parks has avoided discussing her soon to be ex-husband Apollo Nida’s criminal activities thus far; however, she is soon going to have to discuss them. What is going on? 

Phaedra has been involved with a lawsuit against Angela Stanton, who wrote a “tell all” book about her in which accusations about Phaedra being a criminal were made. Although she was disposed previously, court documents obtained by Radar Online claim her answers were “evasive or incomplete.” The documents also claim that upon her being called back for another deposition, she will have to answer questions about “the alleged criminal activities of her husband.”

In the last deposition, she claimed she would “not be discussing my husband.”

Interesting. Phaedra certainly has been going through a lot.

Tell us- do you think she should have to discuss her husband? Or no? Let us know!