Teresa Giudice Meeting With Divorce Attorney?


While Joe Giudice is currently in court facing his second sentencing, his wife Teresa is not with him, and a source is telling Radar Online that’s for a very interesting reason. 

The source claims that Teresa is meeting with a divorce attorney! What’s more is that they claim she is going to try to use this attorney to also appeal her sentence. The source spills, “Teresa really likes her and will likely hire her to handle the appeal of her looming prison sentence. The lawyer would also bring another attorney on board that specializes in white collar crime. While it’s odd that Teresa would be meeting with a divorce attorney to handle the appeal, it’s not that unconventional for the mother of four. She is going with her gut instincts on this one. It shouldn’t be lost on anyone either that Joe isn’t going to be pursuing any appeal, and Teresa will likely hire the divorce attorney to handle her inevitable split from him.”

Interesting! Tell us- do you believe this report? Or do you think Teresa was just home? Let us know!