Meet Scott Cruz- Psychic and Medium


This past week I got the opportunity to have a one hour session with psychic/medium Scott Cruz. I heard about Scott from Real Housewife of Orange County Tamra Judge, who personally uses him. She had great things to say. With my Grandpa dying and my career shifting in the past year, I decided I wanted to give Scott a try to see what he saw in store for my life. What did I think?

From the first second I got on the phone with Scott, I could tell there was something special about him. He seemed to connect with me instantaneously, which was something I was a bit dubious about before as any psychic session I’ve had in the past has been in person.

Scott asked if I had any specific questions, so of course I went to the first place I’ve put a lot of personal thought into- my career. While I don’t want to divulge too much of what was said, as I feel these types of conversations are private, Scott was able to give me some great insight into what he saw. After this portion of the conversation, I felt inspired and contemplative about how I could continue to grow.

We then talked about some of my personal life and his thoughts and insights were spot on.

Finally, at the end, I asked him if he could connect with my Grandpa. He somehow told me my Grandpa wanted to tell me “chin up.” While this isn’t the exact verbiage my Grandpa would have used, I know that when there were challenges- and I’ve had my share this year- he would frequently tell me not to worry. Due to this, what Scott said truly resonated.

My session lasted about an hour and left me inspired and contemplative. I would definitely highly recommend Scott to anyone looking for a psychic of medium. I thank Tamra so much for recommending him.

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