Heather Dubrow- Is Bravo Harboring A Criminal?


Real Housewife of Orange County Heather Dubrow appeared on “The Melting Pot,” an iHeartRadio show recently. While there, the topic of the Giudice’s sentencing came up. What did Heather have to say? 

She said, “”I don’t know them, I feel terrible for their children and their family. However, they did these things. They pled guilty. I loved when Teresa said I’m gonna do whatever I can to make it right but then I saw her on Andy Cohen’s show last week and to me, there was no remorse. Even on the day of their sentencing, they were hiding jewelry and they didn’t tell the court all their assets. They took money from people.”

She continued, “If there was a Bravo executive who pled guilty to 41 counts of fraud, would they keep them on the payroll? Isn’t (Teresa Giudice) a Bravo employee? At some point, are we harboring a criminal?”

We DO give Heather credit for voicing how she truly feels. What do you think of what Heather said? Let us know.