Prosecutors- Teresa CANNOT Spend Her Sentence In Halfway House


Yesterday, Teresa Giudice filed a letter to the court asking them to give her mercy in her case and allow her to spend part of her time in a hallway house. The prosecutors were NOT okay with this. What did they say? 

They responded, according to Radar Online, “The government opposes this request. Defendant is requesting a substantive change to her sentence.”

They continued, “If the defendant serves the ‘maximum’ amount of time … in a halfway house, that will mean that she serves 12 months in the halfway house and at most, only three months in prison. And likely less, given the availability of good time credits, and defendant’s eligibility, by statute, to serve part of her sentence on home confinement.”

The article claims the prosecutors will NOT agree to this plan; however, if the court agrees, they are willing to allow her to spend her prison sentence in the Danbury, Connecticut facility, which is more of a “camp” like facility than and “administrative facility.”

What do you think? Should Teresa be allowed to spend her sentence in a halfway house? Or, should she have to go to jail, as per her original sentence? Let us know!