Teresa and Joe Fighting Over Holiday Plans?


Teresa Giudice is getting ready to spend Christmas with her family before she heads off to serve her prison sentence. According to a new article on Radar Online, her and Joe are feuding over the plans for Christmas. Why? 

The article claims Teresa “had hoped to give the girls an over-the-top Christmas because she is going to be reporting to prison on January 5. Typically, Teresa would spend up to $10,000 on gifts for just the girls. From designer handbags, jewelry, one of a kind dolls, there isn’t anything that the girls asked for and didn’t get. Audriana has been asking for a miniature Barbie Jeep, and a pony. Joe has said absolutely no to both, which is making Teresa furious. But they can barely afford to put gas in their own cars! Joe even suggested that the girls only get one present each, and told Teresa to go shop at the local Goodwill store. Of course she balked at that!”

Interesting. What do you think about this? Let us know.