Khloe Kardashian Can’t Divorce Lamar Odom- Why?

khloe-kardashian-lamar-odom-datingKhloe Kardashian is still trying to divorce Lamar Odom, but currently can’t. Why not? 

According to a new article on, a source is claiming that “Khloe can’t even get in touch with him right now.”

In addition, another source claims that “He refuses to sign the divorce papers.”

This must truly be frustrating for Khloe, as she filed for divorce TEN MONTHS AGO. According to a source close to Lamar, he is hoping to reconcile, but it is apparent that Khloe is beyond ready to move on from him.

What do you think about this? Do you want to see Khloe and Lamar back together or should he just sign the papers and let her be? Let us know!

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