Kim Richards Having Sobriety Issues?

kim-richards-hairstyleWe have been very vocal about how proud we are of Kim Richards for her commitment to sobriety, but two recent reports have us concerned for the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. 

The first article ran last week, where a source told Radar, “Things got extremely tense very quickly in Amsterdam because the ladies, led by newcomer Eileen Davidson, believed that Kim was under the influence of something. No one saw Kim drink or take any pills, but she did slightly slur her words during one of the initial outings on the trip. Eileen was trying to stir things up behind the scenes, along with Yolanda, questioning Kim’s sobriety.”

Radar investigated this further, and a family friend of Kim claimed that, “Kim was extremely jet lagged and tired. It was a very long plane flight, and hadn’t been sleeping well. Look, Kim can be a bit of an airhead, so throw that in with no sleep, and she could seem out of sorts. Absolutely committed to her sobriety, Kim is disgusted anyone would question it. This has been a storyline in the show for a long time, and Kim is disgusted anyone, including the show’s producers would exploit it for ratings.”

We tended to believe her friend and let this go. Now, a second report has leaked, claiming that Kim’s sister, Kyle Richards, and her had a confrontation on camera about her sobriety. A different source tells Radar, “Kyle doesn’t want to believe that Kim has fallen off the wagon, but needed to spend time with her to talk about it. Naturally, cameras from the show had to be there to document it. Let’s just say after the weekend was over, Kyle had even more concerns about Kim’s sobriety. There were tons of tears, and Kim got very defensive when confronted by Kyle about accusations she had indeed suffered a setback in her recovery.”

We truly hope that Kim is alright and that she is continuing on the path that is healthiest for her.

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