Teresa Giudice To Get “Last Christmas” Special?


Will Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice be having her last Christmas before prison with her family taped? According to a new Radar Online article, Bravo is offering her a pretty penny to do so. Want details?

A source tells Radar, “Teresa had been very concerned about how she was going to pay for the extravagant gifts for their four daughters at Christmas.She didn’t want to cut back in buying any gifts for the girls, and with Bravo offering such a huge payday for a special makes her inclined to accept the offer.”

The source continued, “This could be a way for her to say goodbye to her fans ahead of beginning the 15-month prison sentence.”

How much money are they talking? AT LEAST $250,000 according to the source.

Wow! What do you think? Should she go for it so she has the money or should she keep this private for the sake of her family? Let us know.