Teresa’s Lawyer Files ANOTHER Letter To Try To Avoid Jail Time


Yesterday, we reported that Wendy Feldman, Teresa’s crisis manager, let her go due to Teresa not taking her advice/not asking her about filing a petition to the court to stay in a halfway house rather than prison for the majority of her sentence. Although the Judge turned that down, Teresa’s NEW lawyer has written ANOTHER letter requesting this. What is the justification for it this time? 

Teresa’s lawyer claims in the letter that Radar Online obtained that “we are merely asking that the Court recommend the Bureau of Prisons to consider applying the Second Chance Act’s maximum RRC placement period when it transitions Ms. Giudice from a BOP facility to a RRC during the 15 month custodial sentence imposed by the Court.”

The letter continued, “Such a recommendation would assist the BOP’s exercise of its discretion in determining the appropriate time for that transition, which is designated to facilitate all defendant’s return to society,” the source said. “In Ms. Giudice’s case, we respectfully submit that the maximum RRC placement, as determined by the BOP, would also facilitate her return to her four young children, elderly parents, community, and charitable endeavors, without reducing her 15 month custodial sentence (since RRC placement is considered custody).”

Overall, the gist is that they are trying to get Teresa to be allowed to do the majority of her sentence in a halfway house because she can then participate in charity work.

What do you think? Should this be allowed? Let us know!