Jackery Giant +- A GREAT, Powerful Charger


Recently, I reviewed the Jackery Air, which I called the ideal iPhone accessory. I got the opportunity to also review the Jackery Giant +, which is- in a sense- at the complete opposite spectrum from the Air. What makes it different?  The Giant + is a much bigger accessory, with the ability to charge two devices at once, which can definitely be helpful if you use a phone and another device, such as an iPad. Compared to the Air, this is harder to carry around in your pocket, but if you rock a messenger bag or a purse this is definitely manageable.

The Giant + definitely does have some advantages over the air besides the already noted dual charging capability. The main advantage is it’s battery, which is 12,000 mAH. This is HUGE and can keep your device charged for 260 hours of extra time! In our experimentation, this charger definitely held up to its claim.

Other specifications include  10.4 oz of weight and dimensions of 4.3 x 3.1 x 0.8 inches. In addition, the Giant + comes with a flashlight, which is helpful to have on you just in case you ever need one or find yourself with a power outage.

Overall, the Giant + is a GREAT, powerhouse of a charger with multi-device charging capabilities. While it’s not as portable as the Jockery Air, it definitely has more power and functionality.

Which device should you choose? This simply comes down to what you need it for. For me, I use the air when I’m on the go, but If I was traveling and wanted to keep multiple devices charged at the same time, I would definitely carry the Giant + .

Which device would you choose? Head to http://www.jackeryusa.com to explore them all!