Could Joe Have Taken A Plea Deal That Would Have Spared Teresa Of Prison Time?


Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, have not had an easy month legally and personally. Now, a new article in OK! Magazine claims that Joe could have potentially saved Teresa from jail time last year. 

A source tells OK! that Joe was offered a plea deal in 2013 that would have prevented Teresa from going to prison, but he turned it down without her knowing.

A source tells OK!, “Shortly after they were charged, Joe had the chance to accept a deal admitting his sole guilt in the case. He didn’t take it because he’s a coward. He thought they were dragging it out and bringing Teresa into things, his sentence would be less harsh.” The source claims that if Joe had taken this plea deal, he would have had to serve the FULL jail sentence that was initially being discussed, but Teresa wouldn’t have had to serve any time.

The source continued, detailing how Joe could have taken Teresa’s name off of the paperwork, claiming, “Joe did this to Teresa- he let her take the fall. Deep down, he’s not concerned about her going away. He’s cheated on Teresa before, and he’ll be cheating on January 5th. He’s happy to get a year without his wife to play around again.”

How does Teresa feel about this? The source claims, “Teresa was raised to stand by her man, but she has a lot of underlying aggression toward Joe. Part of her still wants to believe that they were both conned, but she’s starting to understand that her husband is the reason she’s going away.”

One may be wondering with all of this why Teresa won’t get a divorce. The source says, “She was raised with Italian Catholic values, and divorce isn’t part of that.” Joe, on the other hand “sees Teresa as the goose that lays golden eggs. They got $320,000 for the Andy Cohen interview, and he knows she’s going to be worth millions when she gets out of jail.”

That is a LOT of information to process. What do you make of it? Let us know.