EXCLUSIVE: Tamra Judge- My Grandhild WAS At Risk, But Will Be Okay


Real Housewife of Orange County Tamra Judge caught up with us this morning to share news on her coming grandchild- including the gender, the name, and how her grandchild was at risk but will thankfully be okay.

Want details? 

Here is a picture of the latest sonogram:


According to Tamra, she is having a GRANDDAUGHTER! Her name will be Ava Ryan Vieth.

Tamra tells us, “Sarah- my daughter in-law- is seeing a high risk ob/gyn because an ultrasound showed one of the babies kidneys was not developing (a condition called pelvic kidney)   But after yesterday’s ultrasound everything looked fine.  Her kidney is functioning.”

She continued, “We are very happy that she is okay.  All though a person can function with one kidney it was still heartbreaking to know that she might have a medical condition at birth.”

We are SO excited for Tamra to be a Grandma (Tam-ma, as she’s referring to it as) and that her granddaughter will be healthy!

Congrats, Tamra.