Friday Funday: Ramona Singer’s Best Moments!


We adore Real Housewife of New York City Ramona Singer and thought for something fun on this Friday, we’d look back at some of our FAVORITE Ramona moments/Ramona-isms. Let us know what you think!
Here are just SOME of the reasons we LOVE Ramona:

Ramona does NOT like lame people when partying:

Ramona knows how to ask the pressing, tough questions:

Ramona knows how to take on her adversaries:

Ramona knows what stressful situations call for:

Ramona knows how to turn an asinine comment right around and make a joke out of it:

Ramona gets emotional, just like the rest of us:

She doesn’t take life too seriously and is all for the good times:

She’s not afraid of confrontation:

She has multitudes of talents:

And, most of all, because she knows how to TURTLE TIME!

All jokes aside, we are THRILLED Ramona is coming back for the next season of RHONY, as we SIMPLY adore her and cannot wait for even more Ramona-isms.