Dina Manzo- I Can Make Up With Caroline, But Not Jacqueline


Dina Manzo, of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, is currently on Watch What Happens Live and has made it very clear to Andy Cohen she can likely make up with Caroline Manzo, but NOT Jacqueline Laurita. What specifically did Dina say? 

She said, “I’ve kept my mouth shut all these years and i thought maybe if i talk this will go away.”

Andy then asked her to talk about her relationship with Caroline. Dina said, “Do you ask Caroline these questions when she’s on?”

When Andy said he does, but he senses she could potentially reconcile with Caroline after things she said dat the reunion. She said, “Yes, she’s my sister.”

Andy then chimed in, “And Jacqueline?” to which Dina quickly responded, “That’s my brother’s wife.”

It is clear Dina does NOT want to make up with Jacqueline, as she wouldn’t even refer to her as her sister-in-law.
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