Dina Manzo- I Don’t Think Kathy Wakile Is Sweet


Last night, Real Housewife of New Jersey Dina Manzo appeared on “Watch What Happens Live.” On the after show, a caller phoned in to ask her about what she thinks of Kathy Wakile. What did Dina say?

Dina said, “At the time (when the scene that aired on the bonus footage was taped) I actually liked Kathy, but my opinion has changed a little bit since… Just seeing more of how some people work. I don’t think she’s a horrible person but I don’t think she’s as sweet as… First of all there’s a way to go about Teresa and what’s going on with her and not hurt her. And then there’s a way…”

We personally have always found Kathy to be very sweet.

What do you think of what Dina said? Let us know.