Brooks and Vicki Have ‘Unquestionably Tumultuous’ Relationship According To New Court Documents


Real Housewife of Orange County Vicki Gunvalson and on-again off-again boyfriend Brooks Ayers, are currently involved in a lawsuit pertaining to Vicki’s Vodka. The lawsuit involves claims against former business partner Robert Williamson III. His mistress, Angela Torres, filed new court documents where she has spoken about Brooks and Vicki. What is she saying? 

She called the relationship Vicki and Brooks have “unquestionably tumultuous.” In addition, she claims that “Allegations of lies, cheating, and more have been frequent between Vicki and Ayers and the two have broken up, made up, and broken up time and time again.”

Why is she saying these things?

According to Radar Online, she wants out of the slander and defamation lawsuit that Brooks filed against her and Robert Williamson III last year. In the lawsuit Brooks filed, he claimed that Angela had set Vicki text messages claiming that he was stealing money from Vicki’s Vodka. Vicki allegedly believed these messages to be true at first, as Angela claimed she had proof, and this caused issues between Vicki and Brooks.

In the new court documents, Angela’s statements are discussed, with her lawyers claiming, “There was significant damage existing in their relationship and Ayers had already severely tarnished whatever reputation for honesty and truthfulness he had in Vicki’s eyes well before Torres’ alleged statements.”

Her lawyers continued speaking, arguing against the idea that the text messages- if sent- were defamatory, saying, “Vicki was the only audience that Ayers alleges received Torres’ text messages. Therefore, unless Vicki’s opinions of Ayers were lowered as a result of Torres’ text message statements, the statements are not defamatory as a matter of law and cannot support Ayers’ defamation claim. Vicki’s opinion of Ayers had not changed as a result of Torres’ text messages and therefore, Torres’ statements cannot be defamatory as a matter of law.”

Interesting. We will keep you posted on this as it develops.

In the meantime, we have reached out to Brooks, but have not gotten a response.