Why Chrisley Knows Best Is Working


Surely, by now, you’ve heard of Chrisley Knows Best, the newest reality craze that’s airing on USA. In a world where so many new reality shows flop, why is Chrisley Knows Best- which is now in it’s second season- working so well? 

There are a multitude of reasons, and they include the following:

– There is a family dynamic in the show that is interesting to watch. This is missing in so many reality television shows today. Try tuning into this show and tell me this family is not interesting to watch.

– There is a sense of REAL that a LOT of reality shows are missing. In a world where so much of reality television doesn’t really seem to be reality, but rather seems like forced, scripted situations, the things that happen on this show seem real.

– The family does not shy away from talking about problems they may be going through. Currently, Todd Chrisley- the patriarch of the family- is having issues with his older son. Rather than shy away from discussing him, Todd is seen this season head on talking about how hurtful it is for him not to have the best relationship with his son right now, particularly detailing how much it hurts him to not hear from him on Father’s Day. Again, this adds a sense of REAL to the show.

Overall, this family is BEYOND entertaining to watch and they have definitely found a fan in me. I will be blogging about them throughout their season, but it is clear that they are reality TV gold for a reason.