Caroline Manzo- Dina Told Chris To Leave Jacqueline For A Relationship With Her


Last night, Caroline Manzo appeared on Watch What Happens Live. While there, she finally took time to address the issues with Dina Manzo, a topic she has avoided before. What did Caroline say?

Caroline said to host Andy Cohen, “It’s true I didn’t invite her to the engagement party and for good reason. First of all, I’m embarrassed, I’m mortified that I have to say this, because you and I both know that I have come at you hard whenever we’ve tried to discuss this, but I feel I have to defend myself at this point.”

She continued, “Over the past four years- five years- Dina has never attended any family function at all. We’ve got nieces and nephews that are three, four, five years old- nine months old- that she doesn’t know. She did not go to my brother Jaime’s wedding. Babies were born, baptisms, graduations, birthdays- not just me, not just Chris (Laurita)- my nieces, my nephews along the line. To single that out is insane.”

Caroline had more to say, claiming, “When Lauren got engaged, the very first person she called ten minutes after the ring was on her finger was Lexi (Dina’s daughter) and she said, ‘Lex, I’m engaged.’ And Lexi said, ‘I’m so happy. My mom says congratulations.’ And that was in November. The party was in April. From November through April not a word.”

Caroline then addressed Dina claiming she’s interested in reconciling with her. Caroline said, “No. I’m a package deal. I come with everybody. You may have issues with somebody, but you don’t dismiss someone in your family and you don’t make someone say I’m giving you a choice, I’m giving you an option. You can have a relationship if you cut someone out of your life.”

Caroline continues, saying, “That’s my brothers wife. You know, Chris was given the same ultimatum and I want you to understand the gravity of that. Okay, this is a man that has a son that has special needs and you’re saying for him to leave his wife in order for you to have a relationship with. The same little boy that she walked past two weeks ago at a party and how you cannot take that baby and hug him and tell him you love him? I don’t understand that.”

Caroline wrapped up with saying, “So I have to say, I don’t want the cooking show (that Dina claimed she would film with Caroline). I don’t care about TV. I don’t care what the papers say. I want my family back. And I have done everything in my power to make that happen. So have the rest of us. Dina needs to grow up.”

These are some strong words for sure, but we were glad to see Caroline speak up once and for all and address the issues.

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