Kim Richards’s Ex Husband’s Illness Leading Her Back To Addiction Problems?


With all of the talk surrounding the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there have been rumors rampantly flying that recovering alcoholic Kim Richards has fallen back to her old habits. Now, a source is telling Radar Online that this may have something to do with her ex-husband, who has been very ill. What did the source specifically say? 

A source told them that even though Kim and ex Monty Brinson divorced in 1985 after only being married for a year, “Monty and Kim have always remained close, years after their divorce. They had joint custody of their daughter, and co-parented very, very well together. When Monty was diagnosed with cancer, it was a kick in the stomach to Kim. He has always been the constant in her life. They moved in together so Kim could take care of Monty during his illness. Sadly, Monty has been told the cancer is terminal. His voice is very raspy, and it’s extremely hard for him to talk.”

The source continued, “Kim is taking all of this very, very hard, and she has indeed been self-medicating to deal with the stress of it. Her medication has been prescribed by a doctor that is fully aware of Kim’s addiction issues. This is being very strictly monitored.”

Interesting. We hope Kim is still on the mend and wish her the best during this difficult time for her.