RHONJ Exclusive- Will Danielle Staub Be In Next Season?


We promised a bunch of RHONJ exclusives, so here’s our next one.

Once each season wraps- and on each reunion- talk always turns to former Real Housewife of New Jersey Danielle Staub. Fans always wonder each season if she’ll return, and she recently went on a desperate campaign on social media claiming she WOULD.

We can exclusively confirm if she will be on season 7 or not. Want to know? 

“Danielle will NOT be on next season,” a source close to production tells us. “Producers have made it clear they are not interested in her and there is no story left for her to tell on the show.”

Interesting. The one thing we will say is that we do PERSONALLY believe that Danielle would bring the ratings higher; however, it doesn’t mean she should be allowed back on the show, as we explored in an earlier post. 

What do YOU think? Let us know!