Amber Marchese- Stop Plagiarizing Me Dina “Tin Man”zo


Dina Manzo of RHONJ re-emerged on Twitter to dig at Amber Marchese by saying “Amber who?” Amber has responded exclusively here. What is she saying?

Before examining her response, first look at this series of tweets for background:



It seems apparent Dina stole Amber’s “who?” line, no?

What is Amber’s response to Dina?

Amber tells us, ”
Dina’s attempt at throwing shade is completely hysterical. She said EXACTLY what I said in response to her lame attempt at insulting me on 10/24. She should at least be original about it and not plagiarize my remarks to her. In the future Dina, if you can’t come up with your own material then you have to footnote me as a source. Please go back to pretending to be Zen and leave me and my family alone. #Dinawho? #tinman #youknownothingjohnsnow #drytoast #zenmyass.”

Let us know what you think of her response!