NeNe Leakes- Cynthia? Bye Girl, I’m On Broadway!


Real Housewife of Atlanta NeNe Leakes is currently on Watch What Happens Live. While there, Andy Cohen asked her for a reaction to Cynthia Bailey alluding to the fact that things are better now that she is no longer friends with NeNe AND Kenya Moore claiming that she likes this new Cynthia. What was NeNe’s response? 

NeNe confidently proclaimed, “It’s a little sad Cynthia trying to act like I knocked her over as if she didn’t knock me over with her bunch of lies. I don’t have the time. I’m on Broadway.”

When Andy then proposed the poll question for the evening as “Should NeNe and Cynthia be friends again?” NeNe quickly said “No.” Andy insisted they should be, but Nene continued, “I think it’s absolutely no. No, no, and no. I don’t (like us as friends). For somebody to sit and act like suddenly her marriage is better because she’s not friends with me? Come on, Cynthia. Look who’s saying I like this new Cynthia (Kenya)… Bye girls, I’m on Broadway. Holla.”

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