Cynthia Bailey- I Put A LOT Of Energy Into My Relationship With NeNe


It is clear that Real Housewife of Atlanta Cynthia Bailey is NOT going to be rekindling her former friendship with NeNe Leakes anytime soon. Cynthia recently spoke to and addressed this. What did she say? 

Cynthia said, “I had to put a lot of energy into my friendship with NeNe…Some of that energy that I was pouring into my friendship with her, I should have been pouring into my marriage. Some friends are just needier than others, and I’m not trying to say anything bad about NeNe. I’m just saying I put a lot of energy into that relationship.”

While Cynthia and NeNe clearly don’t plan on becoming friends again, Cynthia claims that “Despite it all I’m still optimistic that we could at least just be cool, cordial, and still have fun together. Not be besties, but just have that respect for each other as women and just agree to just coexist.”

Interesting. What do YOU think about what Cynthia said? Let us know!