Dina Manzo- RHONJ Is F****d Up

The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Season 6

Real Housewife of New Jersey Dina Manzo has taken to her blog to express thoughts on last week’s part 2 of the reunion. What did she say? 

Dina writes, “I kind of meant what I said on that couch — this show is so f—ed up. As I sit and watch the reunion, I wonder what goes through people’s head sometimes. Bobby literally spitting on me as he screams at a friend of 10 years, Jim whipping out his files and then of all things says I have a fat ass, LOL! For what? Fame? I literally sat there saying to myself time and time again, “What the hell am I doing here?” Again, not ever saying I’m too good, but just different. There is something really beautiful that came out of this though…I am seeing some real proof of my practices. Take a look. Sending you a ton of love for your support!”

Um… Thoughts? Let us know.