Kenya Moore- Watching The Premiere Reminds Me How Tough I Have To Be

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We have always loved Real Housewife of Atlanta Kenya Moore and the fact that she doesn’t take any BS. She has taken to her blog to discuss this. What is she saying? 

Kenya writes, “Watching the premiere episode reminded me of how tough I have had to be. For the last two seasons I’ve felt that it has been me against everybody else. I have taken on every single Housewife (and their husbands in some cases) all at one time. Regardless of how anyone feels about me, there is a hard line between right and wrong. One should never condone violence and a physical attack should never be a response to a verbal one. Hearing anyone say that they will never apologize for a criminal act is disheartening. Even if one felt justified or provoked, it comes down to a choice to walk a way or to succumb to anger and attack.”

However, Kenya details how she feels this season will be for her. She writes, “This season is my season of redemption. Whether you love me or love to hate me, love is the operable word. Life is about evolution. My heart is open to forgiveness, new friendships, compassion and evolution. Are you?”

We are excited to watch this season and see Kenya back on our screens.

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