Phaedra Parks DREADING Watching This Season of RHOA


From last night’s premiere episode and the news that led up to it, it is BEYOND obvious why this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta was difficult for Phaedra Parks to go through and film. A source recently spoke to Hollywood Life, and detailed that Phaedra is dreading watching this season. What did the source specifically say? 

A source told them, “She’s nervous about it and knows this will be the hardest season to sit and watch. She’ll have to force herself, literally. She’s dreading it because it will reopen all the pain and suffering she’s recently gone through with Apollo and she doesn’t know what’s going to be aired and want’s not. She doesn’t know what to expect.”

The source continued, saying, “She has a strict rule at her house and that’s that her nannies make sure to monitor the boys TV schedule and under no circumstances are they to watch or see Real Housewives or the news. She’s trying to protect her boys from reliving the most dramatic time of their young lives — what happened to their father.”

We truly feel for Phaedra and tend to think what the source is saying here is definitely true.

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